Qigong Masters

Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang


This site is dedicated to Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang and promoting Qigong around the world.  You'll find information on Master Zhang's teachings as well as events we sponsor in our effort to bring you this ancient knowledge.

What is Qigong? 

Qigong is a combination of mind, body and spirit cultivation; it opens the gates to that part of ourselves which often times lies dormant in this modern age.

Through energy cultivation, people can awaken their true nature and bring healing to not only their bodies, but also to the rest of their beings.



  • Tian Long Gong - A Cosmic Reconnection

    This is the story of my time at Tian Long Gong (Palace of the Celestial Dragon); a journey to Mt. Qingcheng, a journey to my heart. Full Article...

  • Fire Dragon Qigong

    In the West, though we continue to learn more about the internal martial arts and qi cultivation practices of China, the average student is familiar with only taiji quan! xingyi quan and bagua zhang. But other more esoteric internal styles do exist! among them the lineages associated with the Fire Dragon. In this article we will examine the background of the Fire Dragon methods, their lineages and teachers. Full Article...

  • My Sister, The Moon

    The current trend in women's health is focused on holistic ap proaches to concerns that have existed for hundreds of years. Within this movement, traditional Chinese methods such as herbs and acupuncture have been included under the rubric of holistic medicine. However, the view of what is holistic in the ancient and modern day is very different. Full Article...

  • Five Elements Qigong

    Qigong, a combination of Chinese martial arts and traditional medicine, is one of China's most well-known and popular activities. Practicing qigong allows you to open the body's channels and meridians and absorb outside, or universal, energy into your own body. Qigong exercises make you more aware of your inner body and self. Regular practice of these forms will help you attain a peacefulness that enables you to maintain a healthy body and mind. Full Article...